Our Mission & Process

Your reel is your marketing tool. Your reel is your own personal commercial. Your reel needs to show you, who you are, what you look like and of course your talent. Your reel needs to grab agents, managers and casting within seconds.

The Goal

We here at CUTMYREEL.COM understand what works – what grabs attention. We understand the little details that will make your reel stand out. There are several things that can be done to improve the production value of your reel, important quality standards such as: sound editing, re-cutting a scene, scene order and even color correction. We want you to have the best possible reel given the video files you have access to.

We will help you define your brand. Everyone is uniquely different and your “marketing campaign” needs to be specifically designed to you. You will receive a consultation to define your brand. We will map out exactly how to showcase you and your specific talents, through your reel.

The Process

It’s the digital age and driving is a pain, so we’ve made it easy for you. Once you send an email to Amanda at info@cutmyreel.com we’ll give you a call and give you directions on how to upload all your digital files (digital clips from all your projects) to us. Then we’ll simply download all your material. We will review your clips, give you a second call to discuss the editing plan and go over any details. Finally, we’ll edit your reel!

The Steps

  • Send an email to Amanda at info@cutmyreel.com
  • We review your digital files for your reel.
  • We call you a second time to go over the editing plan.
  • We edit your reel.
  • We email you a watermarked preview version of your reel.
  • You will review the reel by clicking the link we email you.
  • You either call or email us with any minor revisions if needed.
  • We will make the changes if necessary.
  • We email you the final “web ready” file, (a quicktime file that is great for LA Casting, Actors Access, Now Casting, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
    ***We can also mail you DVDs if you would like.
  • You will have in your hands a reel you’re proud of…and FAST!
  • Why you will be happy

  • You don’t have to waste time traveling.
  • We do all reviews over email and phone, so it’s fast.
  • We are fast, so you get your reel in 1-3 days.
  • Yes, it’s that simple!

    Common Questions

  • What format should my digital clips be in?
  • ***We can usually convert any digital file format for editing. The best format would be a hi resolution, quicktime file with the size of 1920×1080. To be even more specific (if you are requesting copies of your work from production) Quicktime files with an H264 codec or Apple Pro Res codec at a 1920×1080 size.

  • What if my digital files are all different sizes?
  • ***If your clips from the different productions you have worked on are different sizes, we tend to go with the smaller size for editing. We can make your larger clips smaller but we can’t make your smaller clips larger. If you have a 640×360 size clip and a 1920×1080 size clip, we would make your reel the size of the smaller clip. We can’t make the smaller clip (640×360) bigger. If we did that we would stretch the image and the picture would be pixelated and poor quality. We can use both sizes, but would use the smaller size for the size of your reel. Most online video players are actually 640×360.